Check out the list of famous people of the past and the present born and/or raised in the city of Zadar

Did You Know? Famous People from Zadar Region

What is Zadar (and vicinity) famous for? It is the unique sunset, beautiful seaside with islands and breathtaking beaches, rich cultural-historical heritage and … great people! Check out the list of famous people of the past and the present born and/or raised in the Zadar region:

Zadar’s giant - Krešimir Ćosić 

‘God may have created human beings, but Zadar created basketball’! A translation of a half-a-century-old saying illustrates just what basketball stands for in the city of Zadar. One of the most prominent representatives of the golden age of Zadar basketball is Krešimir Ćosić (1948-1995), who grew up and started his basketball career in the city. He was the first non-American to be drafted in the NBA and is one of the few European players inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 silver medalists from Zadar - Vrsaljko, Modrić, Livaković and Subašić

World’s top footballer(s) - Luka Modrić & co. 

And the runner-up in the FIFA World Cup 2018 is… Croatia! And the best FIFA Men’s Player 2018 is Luka Modrić! The most important secondary thing in the world, football, is a source of immense national pride in Croatia and Luka Modrić is the perfect representative of one of the best players ever, not only of his generation but beyond. Born and raised in Zadar, the captain and number 10 of the Croatian national football team, has led his teammates to impressive achievements. The Croatian national team that won the silver medal in the FIFA World Cup 2018 also included other Zadar natives such as Šime Vrsaljko, Danijel Subašić and Dominik Livaković.

Zadar lives … with the sound of music 

Laugh, talk and sing … at the top of the lungs! No gathering, no party, no popular feast can go without music and Zadar boasts quite a few artists whose works have been widely known.

One of the most famous and popular musicals of all times, the Sound of Music, is based on a real-life story of the von Trapp family. The family started performing in Austria and continued in Europe and the U.S., so it is not generally known that their patriarch, Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp, was in fact born and raised in Zadar.Riva band from Zadar - the winners of Eurovision Song Contest

What’s in a name? Riva (Cro. promenade by the sea) does not only stand for the central place to gather to enjoy a good song in Dalmatia, but also represents the only Croatian band that managed to win the first place in the Eurovision Song Contest 3o years ago. Needless to say, the band members were from Zadar.

Then there is Tomislav Ivčić, who primarily got international attention with his ‘Stop the War in Croatia’ song in the early 1990s. Tragically killed in a car accident a few years later, the artist also celebrated his city and the Dalmatian way of life in his songs such as ‘Kalelarga’ (about Zadar’s central street) and ‘Večeras je naša fešta’ (Cro. Tonight we party), which is still sung at gatherings and feasts.

The shiny star(s) of the Adriatic 

The land of beauty, amazing heritage and … exceptional people! Not only are there a number of fascinating sights to see and experiences to have on holiday in the Zadar region, but it’s also been the birthplace and home to a number of outstanding people.

Photos: Zadar Tourist Board