Tips for Absolute Relaxation on Holiday in Petrčane

7 Ways to Fully Relax and Recharge on Holiday in Petrčane 

The soothing sound of the sea washing the shore. The crickets’ rhythmical chirp lulling you to a nap. The fragrant Mediterranean greenery perfectly paired with clear sea air… It’s been widely known that a seaside holiday can have a highly beneficial effect on your well-being. So, think about all the ways you can slow down and simply savour every moment on your holiday in Petrčane:

Amazing pools and the beach at Sunnyside apartments in Petrčane

1. Lounge on the beach and by the pools 

Soaking in the sun to get your dose of vitamin D! Staying at a Sunnyside apartment near the beach and the pools allows you to go to and fro whenever you feel like it and without any need to plan your day by the sea in advance. Just imagine yourself lounging with a cocktail in your hand free of care - it’s pure pleasure!

2. Take afternoon naps

No worries, no stresses, no deadlines - so why wouldn’t you rest your mind and body by taking a nap? Without the usual busy schedule, a holiday enables you to truly take a few deep breaths and just relax. Whether you let the waves lull you into sleep on a beach lounger or you doze off in your air-conditioned apartment, your body and mind will greatly appreciate it.

3. Just disconnect 

Rise and shine … to the beauty outside! Regardless of the free Wi-Fi in your apartment, opt for a digital detox. Steer away from reading the news, checking up the social media, but rather create your own stories, Instagram or otherwise.

4. Don’t plan too much in advance 

Do check out your options, available activities and top excursions, but don’t overthink or prepare every step of the way! Allow yourself to do as you please in a given moment, without any pressure to tick the elements off your list. That way you can truly relax and enjoy every single moment.

Light reading by the pool on holiday

5. Have some me-time 

Treat yourself to moments all to yourself! Maybe you’d like to do a workout at the gym or sweat it out in a sauna, both available with Sunnyside apartments. You may also feel like reading a light book by the pool or listen to your favourite music, in perfect calm without a care in the world.

6. Feel inspired by nature around you 

The mesmerizing sea and clear blue sky. Soothing greenery all around. While Petrčane is a picturesque village with lovely landscapes, the entire region is also a rich source of marvelous wonders of nature, the sight of which will take your breath away. Whether you prefer to explore the coast and the islands, discover the beauty of rivers and lakes or go up the hills and a mountain, spending time in nature can be extremely fulfilling and inspiring.

Actively exploring the beautiful seaside in Zadar region

7. Be active 

Get rid of any built-up stress on your holiday in Petrčane! While idling about the beach and pool may be one way to do it, moving around and doing your favourite activities can also be very rewarding. Taking light walks along the promenade, cycling, doing watersports or other activities also fills you with positive energy and releases tension you might have felt before.

Relaxation at its best 

Let go of stress and enjoy every single moment of your holiday! Peaceful and charming Petrčane represents the perfect destination for the ultimate relaxation and feel-good moments so make sure you experience precisely that during your stay in the region.

Photos: Zadar County Tourist Board